Musée de sciences biologiques Docteur Mérieux

The Doctor Mérieux Biological Sciences Museum


The Doctor Mérieux Biological Sciences Museum


Flu, HIV, tuberculosis and malaria...infectious diseases are one of the first causes of death in the world.

Dedicated to Biology, the Doctor Merieux Museum of Biologic Sciences is here to help you to understand better the infectious diseases, their diagnosis and treatments such as the vaccine discovered in the XVII century by Jenner, developped by Pasteur, till the industrial time of the Merieux family.


The museum explores the past, it never loses sight of the future. It presents the major international challenges facing public health, as well as the new biotechnological and genetic weapons we are using to fight infectious diseases.

The museum is located in “Carmino House” which belonged to the Mérieux Institute’s launderer before it became the property of the commune of Marcy l'Etoile. The building has been enlarged and completely renovated


The museum project was made possible by funding from the Rhone-Alpes region, the Commune of Marcy l’Etoile, the Mérieux Foundation, BioMérieux and Sanofi Pasteur, and by scientific expertise from the Vetagro Sup.
The museum is now also supported by Merial and the Friends of the Museum association.