Outside the walls

Discovery of the health legacy in Lyon
with our tours outside the walls

Lyon, a major healthcare city, has a very rich hospital and industrial legacy.
During these city tours, you will discover the places that still make Lyon famous today.

The high places of Lyon’s medicine

“The Hotel Dieu is the best hospital in the kingdom”
John Howard, English visitor to Lyon (1726-1790).

Today Lyon is known for its medicine, a more than 15 centuries legacy. There are many places dedicated to health and they have contributed to fight against the great plague and typhoid epidemics that the city has known throughout its history. The first hospital was founded in 542, and the hospital tradition developed thereafter, thanks in particular to the Hotel Dieu, but also to the Charité, a real institution against poverty.
From Childebert to Antonin Poncet via Rabelais, come and discover the history of these places and these great men who have enabled the progress of medicine and the reputation of the city of Lyon.

Duration : 1h30

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Gerland, excellence in the service of health

Formerly a district of slaughterhouses, Gerland welcomes now major players in the health sector.
Come and discover during this visit how this district has been transformed over time and is now the symbol of Lyon’s health competitiveness.

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From industry to hospital: health care in the 8th district

If the Lumière family was well known in the fields of photography and cinema, it has also distinguished itself in the fields of biology and medicine. The medical industry developed in the district of Montplaisir from the end of the 19th century: this visit to the Edouard Herriot Hospital will help you discover this often little-known aspect.

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