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The microbes’ gang

KarinKa, Brocard
Editions du musée de sciences biologiques Dr Mérieux, September 2019
Microbulles Collection
32 pages / €10

Kenza, Côme and Mattis plunge into the infinitely small. They will get to know viruses and bacteria, those countless strange little hosts that populate our bodies and the world around us. Not always nasty, they can still make us sick… With Lise, the museum’s mediator, the three friends will learn how to recognize them and discover that there are many ways to fight against these diseases and stay healthy…

Plague, cholera…and other calamities

A history of infections in Lyon
Jean Freney, Alexandra Dubourget-Narbonnet
EMCC January 2014
Bilingual version
192 pages / €15

Plague, malaria, typhoid, leprosy … the situation of Lyon, at the confluence of two rivers, the world and the crowding of inhabitants, the comings and goings of travellers, as well as the dirt of streets and squares frequently reported by chroniclers have brought multiple infections to the city throughout history.
This richly illustrated book is accompanied by three maps showing the main places in the city that recall this fascinating and all too often little-known history of infections.

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